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Current Activities

Norec Exchange Program

Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec) is an executive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Norec (previously FK NORWAY) facilitates mutual exchange of young people and professionals between partnering institutions in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Norec mission is to promote reciprocal learning and development in organizations and communities. During the last 10 years, more than 5000 people have volunteered to live and work in a foreign country through FK Norway, thus contributing to positive change, development and increased intercultural understanding on individual as well as institutional level.

Norec has been facilitating exchange program (2017-2020) between IRHDTC/Nepal and Life Centre/Vietnam to trace the solution that relates improving health of low income women in Nepal and for Vietnam improving reproductive health for female factory workers and preventing HIV transmission among men having sex with men and care and support for people living with HIV.

Link : https://www.norec.no/prosjekt/improving-health-among-low-income-women-in-nepal-and-vietnam/

Empowering the Adolescent Girls from Rural Nepal, ANMF

With the support America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF), IRHDTC Nepal has completed community level orientation on child and maternal health to twenty adolescent girls of two child clubs ; Pattalini Child Club & Chhepang Child Club in Gajuri Rural Municipality, Dhading for one year (August 2018- July 2019). During this period, various programs including health awareness training, induction meeting and peer group sharing were conducted coordinating with Social Welfare Council (SWC), local authority and other concerned stakeholders. Despite of limited resources, beneficiaries of our project has shared their skills and knowledge in their own community which gave a better result to our programs.

This Year (2019-2020), with the slogan of “I am a child, not a bride”, IRHDTC will promote awareness regarding child marriage at local level (Province-02 of Nepal) along with the collaboration of child clubs. Such awareness campaign will be conducted on the leadership of adolescent girls associated with respective clubs. The duration of this campaign will be one year and schools, local municipality, wards and other stakeholders will be coordinated accordingly.

Training and Education

As a part of its new endeavor and culmination of its experience, IRHDTC is developing short term training programs in its field of specialization and experience to individuals who want to update their skills and as a part of capacity development and carrier advancement. Currently, IRHDTC is developing short courses on the following areas which are extremely flexible and are subjected to modification based on the requirement of individuals and organizations.

    • Project Management
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Maternal and Child Health (Focusing MNC, IMCI and NCP interventions)
    • Reproductive Health- Package
    • Behaviour Change Communication
    • Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Research Studies


IRHDTC has provided technical assistance and advocacy support for effective implementation of Integrated Management of Acute Malnutrition (IMAM) program in Bajura and Baitadi, July 2016 – June 2017. It has organize MTOT of Stabilization Center in Dhangadi for all partners in IMAM scaling up districts, UNICEF/Nepal and has also undergo monitoring for strengthening IMAM in Jumla and Mugu districts.Capacity development of Health workers and community workers are essential components of IMAM and IRHDTC are good enough to highly communicate and execute respectively.Similarly,IRHDTC has establishes Out Patient Therapeutic Centers (OTC) in Bajura and Baitadi districts and are able to screen SAM and MAM cases followed with counseling to caretakers.

CB-IMNCI Program

After development of integrated package of CB-IMCI and CB-NCP as CB-IMNCI package, IRHDTC has providing Technical Assistance in CBIMNCI program to incapacitate health workers and community workers in Health for life districts.

Skill Standardization of Nursing Staff in birthing centres, H4L

H4L will work in 14 districts within the mid-west and western regions, with a mandate to ensure adequate and effective transfer of lessons learned and best practices to policy-makers for countrywide scale-up. To implement the program IRHDTC/Nepal will provide its technical assistance to RTI International and Jhpiego (an INGO) with time duration of five years. IRHDTC has provided technical assistance in providing on-site coaching in clinical skills of service providers (nursing staff) in birthing centers of Health for life districts.The program aims to strengthen the Government of Nepal’s capacity to plan, manage and deliver high quality and equitable family planning, maternal, newborn and child health services. The program will work in close coordination with the Government of Nepal, the MOHP and other health sector external development partners at the central, district and community levels.