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1. Collaborative Research, Program Implementation and Institutional Development: The goal of IRDHTC/Nepal is to help personnel and organizations to develop capacity for effective implementation of the program through strong research based programs, and to help government and non-government organizations to engage that capacity in the effective formulation of its program and policies. To that end, the organization works collaboratively with academic institutions, ministries, NGO/CBOs, local agencies, departments and service providers and other agencies concerned with public health and development to help them forge strong, self-sustaining partnerships.

The organization with its pool of experts and dedicated staffs explores the specific public health and development needs of individuals and organizations in order to increase their capacity to deliver the service effectively- at local level or at the national level, ultimately contributing in developing sustainable public health and development initiatives.

2. Training Program: Scientific and evidence based training methods is employed with a view to strengthen the capacity of organizations, individuals and professionals for leadership, research and analysis – to enable them to design, manage, and evaluate successful population, and human development policies and programs.