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FCHV Fund Utilization Package Develop/Training.

Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) are considered service providers for major health problems at the community level in Nepal. FCHV program is to support the national goal of health through community involvement in public health activities. This includes imparting knowledge and skills for the empowerment of women, increasing awareness on health related issues and involvement of local institutions in promoting health care. Nepal Government came up with a plan to support and motivate FCHVs through the provision of FCHV Fund.

IRHDTC, Nepal provided technical support for the preparation of “FCHV Fund Utilization” package. The package development was supported by Nepal Family Health Program (NFHP) with technical inputs from the Family Health Division (FHD) and other concerned organizations.

IRHDTC/ Nepal also provided training on  FCHVs Fund Utilization in Humla, Dang and Udaypur districts with support from UNICEF, Nepal.