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Integrated Rural Health Development Training Center Nepal (IRHDTC/Nepal) is a service oriented organization established in 1993 by experienced public health managers, policy makers, medical personnel, and academic leaders engaged in the field of public health and development in Nepal and abroad. The scope and magnitude of the public health problem in various parts of Nepal is very grave due to widespread poverty, illiteracy and inefficient health system which is further aggravated by the shortage of human and financial resources to address it. Particularly in the health sector, there is acute shortage of human resources for health who are often limited in their capacity to use new skills which are more effective and efficient. There is a need for sustained and committed national leadership supported by dedicated and professional capacity building organization that can update the human resources for health with scientific and evidence based skills crucial for improving the health of the people especially poor and marginalized.

In order to confront the multiple problems, IRHDTC have come forward with a vision of improving the health status of the people of Nepal by enhancing the ability of the current and future public health workforce to effectively deliver the Essential Public Health Services to communities throughout the country. Inspired by the fact that trainings are the finest investments that can make a huge impact in the lives of poor and vulnerable, IRHDTC since its inception have focused on delivering quality and effective trainings based on the most scientific teaching-learning methods which can last a lifetime – and beyond. It focuses on equipping individuals with the understanding, skills, and knowledge-base that enable them to perform effectively. As an indispensable part of the training program, it has also focused on research, policy analysis, strategic planning, advocacy, program management and evaluation, which further adds value to the organization professional, scientific, managerial, and leadership competencies and capabilities.

Integrated Rural Health Development Training Center Nepal has already completed 20 years of tireless and dedicated effort for the capacity building and development of the human resources for health. Through collaborative efforts of experts, academicians, and supporting organizations, it has been able to significantly contribute in strengthening the technical, and leadership competencies and capabilities of the current and future public health workforce and has been able to build strong linkages between policies, program and research both in Nepal and abroad. This social serving organization with support from its valued partners and donors have been continually able to work for improving the health status of the people of Nepal and will continue the efforts in building a sustained and resilient public health workforce.

IRHDTC/Nepal has worked with various agencies like H4L/USAID, UNICEF, USAID, NFHP/USAID, ADRA, Plan Nepal, JSI, World Bank/PIU, World Bank/JAKPAS, UNFPA/Nepal, WHO, SCF US, CARE, CECI, PSI etc. Presently, IRHDTC is working as a partner organization of Health For Life/ USAID in 14 district in Nepal. The organization has provided consultancy services for various successful public health programs like CB-IMCI, Population and Family Health, Water supply and sanitation, Control of diarrheal diseases, Control of ARI, Reproductive health, Micro credit programs to marginal communities, Income generating activities, Material development, BCC and PRA training and logistics management support program etc.

IRHDTC has strengthen its capabilities by collaborating with Health and Development Associate (HAD) and ETC International having experienced human resources and international expert members in the field of comprehensive health and overall socio-economic development. IRHDTC has also been successful in carrying out international consultancies.