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CB-IMCI Package

The implementation of the IMCI i.e Integrated Management of Childhood Illness program in all the 75 districts has undoubtedly proven successful. The IMCI package which was designed and implemented in due course of time has undergone various changes, which is necessary in itself. Since, the program has achieved some of the desired results within time, it has now become necessary to update and revise the content so as to increase the coverage of the program to make it more desirable, efficient and sustaining.

Based on the latest learning and experience, the existing CB-IMCI protocols, guidelines and chart booklets, reporting forms and formats, etc. were revised and updated by IRHDTC team in the period of December 2012 to April 2013. For this, IRHDTC/Nepal coordinated with Child Health Division, UNICEF, Suaahara Program Save the Children and other key stakeholders.