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Health Professional Exchange Program with FK, Norway

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With an aim to promote lasting improvements in the economic, social and political conditions in developing countries  by facilitating partnerships and the exchange of personnel between organisations and institutions. Such collaboration and partnerships aim at promoting the transfer of expertise,at measures to reduce poverty, and at creating involvement and awareness raising with respect to developmental issues in Norway and in the South. Both FK and the partnerships established are based on the values of equality, reciprocity, solidarity, diversity and transparency among all parties.

FK is a governmental body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is part of official Norwegian development policy which finances and supports exchange programs between organisations and institutions in Norway, Africa, Asia and Latin America.It helps in professional exchange of expertise along with helping people to get an opportunity to gain cross-cultural understanding and know each other.

FK Norway facilitated exchange program between IRHDTC/Nepal and Life Care/Vietnam to trace the solution that relates improving health of low income women in Nepal and for Vietnam improving reproductive health for female factory workers and preventing HIV transmission among men having sex with men and care and support for people living with HIV.